Saturday, October 6, 2007

Just Like Me

I was driving down the highway recently, listening to Squizz on 48 and the Pumpkins. Enjoying their smashingness. I thought to myself, I should do a portrait of Billy Corgan. He's an interesting character and might cater well to an illustrated portrait.

I was happy to see the Smashing Pumpkins get back together. It seems like his is the type of voice you either love or hate. I wanted to capture his energy and impassioned vocal stylings as well as his kinetic restraint.

I always use fluid and active brushwork, leaving evidence of where I was at that particular moment in time. Coupled with a shock of color, it's an effective technique to relay the energy of my subject. This engages the viewer immediately and pushes her or him toward a particular frame of mind. It adds another dimension to the visual experience.

I think it's also of note to mention his clothing. The title of this entry is from a line in the Pumpkins' song "Zero," one of my favorites. In my mind's eye, if the word "zero" were to be represented with clothing, I believe Billy's wearing it.



Anonymous said...

He is one of my favorite artist's.
You've captured him beautifully. Your work leaves me in awe.

- Genevieve

Allan Burch said...

Thank you, Genevieve, for your comment and kind words.

I found their videos to be another source of artistic inspiration. I love Billy's fluid graphic shapes as he walks from room to room in letterbox format in Ava Adore. The layers of mood always draws me in. I try to glean a little of that sensibility for myself.

Have a beautiful holiday, too.

Anonymous said...

His videos are intriguing.
You glean well.

~ Genevieve