Sunday, December 2, 2007

Midnite Vultures

Midnite Vultures was nominated in 2001 for Album of the Year at the 43rd annual Grammy Awards. Other nominees that year were The Marshall Mathers LP from Eminem, Kid A from Radiohead, You're the One from Paul Simon, and the winner -- Two Against Nature by Steely Dan.

I was thrilled to work on this portrait for the Grammy Awards. I had my choice of artists to paint and I thought Beck would prove the best subject for me. His music is somewhat uncategorizable, so there is a bit of mystery about that aspect of him. Plus, if you listen to his lyrics, one can spend days deciphering the meaning to each and every allegory. I thought this slightly off-kilter image with undefined sweater shape would tell a nice subtle story.

As I worked on this illustration, I had the CD on constant rotation. "Sexx Laws" and "Debra" are a couple of my faves. When the big night rolled around, I tuned-in to CBS, looking at the full house of musical dignitaries, watching Madonna open the show with "Music." It was a surreal feeling knowing Mariah Carey, Pete Townsend, Blue Man Group, Elton John, Marilyn Manson, Snoop Dogg, Sweet Honey in the Rock, or God-knows-who might be holding my art in their hands that very minute -- a very wild feeling, and one of my cooler jobs to date. I hope to have another opportunity to help.

Cool song. Cool video



g2bhapi26 said...

Love it

Allan Burch said...

Thanks, Amy! This was a really fun project.

Heather said...

Amazing. Your work just simply amazes me, Allan.

Allan Burch said...

Thanks, Heather!